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Electrical Repair in Hackett, AR

Electricity is likely the most critical element in your home or business. There is hardly any modern convenience that doesn’t require it. While it works, it’s great. When there’s a problem, suddenly, your entire daily routine is disrupted. That’s why you need to call upon us at Duboise Electric when you require electrical repair in Hackett, AR.

Thanks to the training and experience of our licensed electricians, we can apply our electrical troubleshooting skills to track down and diagnose the problem. Once we’ve done that, it’s just a simple matter of replacing the offending components, repairing the wiring, or adding new fixtures. We’re ready to do whatever it takes. We understand that when there’s an electrical problem at your home or office, you need it fixed as quickly as possible. Trust us to get things sorted out promptly.

Not only can you rely on us at Duboise Electric for repair work, but we also offer many other services as well. For example, you can depend on us to handle electrical installation work on your new construction project or complete an electrical buildout. We also do wiring, code corrections, and distribution work.

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