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Backup Generator Installation

Buboise Electric specializes in backup electric generator installation in Fort Smith, AR. Losing power can be anything from a temporary annoyance to a critical emergency. As much as you depend on access to safe and reliable electricity, an outage needs a quick response--one that utility companies can’t always offer as they work to restore power to entire communities. That’s why it’s important to be self-sufficient with a dependable backup generator.

When you’re ready to ensure your safety and make your home’s power infrastructure more robust, call Duboise Electric. We deliver top-notch solutions and service from a master electrician with more than 40 years of experience. Our team knows all about generators and how to match the models currently on the market to your needs.

Backup Electric Power When And Where You Need It Most

Buying a backup electric generator is a significant investment in your property’s value and your own peace of mind. To get the most return, however, you need expert knowledge. We can help you consider crucial factors for your electrical generator backup power, including ones like:

  • The amount of energy your building needs.
  • How often will you need to use it?
  • Where will the generator be installed?

These matters and more can all influence which model makes the best investment for you. Having us on your side when you make the purchase means a more informed choice that leaves you feeling confident. Plus, our versatile electricians can help a wide range of different clients. The benefits of a generator aren’t limited to homeowners. We also serve businesses and institutions. With professional electrical generator installation from our team, you can protect irreplaceable assets and important equipment during storms and other potential outage situations.

We make sure that every component works correctly and that the generator connects properly to your facility’s electrical grid. That way, you never have to wonder whether you’re ready for a loss of power. Instead, you can keep doing what you do best--serving the people who depend on your organization, even when municipal electricity fails. No matter your field, industry, or power consumption needs, you can count on us to guide you to an appropriate backup generator solution. Don’t remain at the mercy of every flicker and malfunction. Let our experts equip you with the comfort, convenience, and control of a personal power source.

Contact us to safeguard against power loss with a modern, efficient generator. We proudly serve Fort Smith, AR, and the surrounding areas.